Movie Credits

Last night Norman and I had a date night while A was at a sleepover.  We had a yummy dinner at Boom Noodle.  Then across the street for District 9 (freaking great movie BTW). 

Here’s my point –

Movie over, and mass exit of the theater.  A few people remained in seats to watch the credits.  Norman and I included.  I cannot remember exactly when I began staying in the theater to watch the credits.  It’s been awhile now.  Believe me, it’s not about the teasers some movies include at the end (think Ferris Bueller’s Day Off or Iron Man).

For me, it’s about respect.  Have you ever looked at HOW many people it takes to create a movie.  How many extras may be a part of a production?  ALL the CG/animators/special effects geniuses there are?  Sure – most of what we hear about in the news are the actors, directors and producers.  Even the awards ceremony is done separate from the Oscars or Emmys or whatever awards show.  When they show the clips, you see how proud people are.  They should be – they were involved in creating some spectacular movies. 

Think about it.  Can you spare another 5 minutes of your day to watch the credits?  You can check out the music and perhaps key into that one song during the movie that moved you to tears, or made you want to dance.  Sometimes you see pretty entertaining things like “robot eye mechanics adviser” or “snake charmer” or “no aliens were hurt in the making of this movie”.  I kid you not. 

Try it out.  You may find that you like it.  Come on…everybody’s doing it…

Another Installment of When I Rule The World

Did anyone see that Octomom interview last night?  I’m disgusted.  Yes, I found it all fascinating from a media and cultural perspective when she had the babies.  I would really rather not fan her flames any longer.  She’s got issues and needs to deal with that and 14 kids.  Not national television or reality shows.

I saw about 4 minutes of it while flipping through channels last night.  I happened to be on the station when she was ranting at John & Kate Plus 8.  Granted, that 10-some has their own issues and I’m not writing about that now.  So here is what I see.  She’s on the bed, there were 4 or 5 crying babies on the bed around her, one attached to her breast feeding, not sure where the rest of them were.  Her other kids – one was sitting on the crib railing, a few were wrestling on the floor, not sure where the rest of them are.  Can only imagine how hard it is to keep tabs on 14 kids.

Anyhoo….Octomom was ranting on Kate about having 8 kids and she shouldn’t complain and blah blah blah.  Um…Octobitch…you should be careful where you are throwing stones.  Kate was married when she had her kids.  Kate has a husband/ex who is still the dad of 8 kids and still shows up to be part of that family.  As messed up as her life is, Kate is providing for her children and focused on being a mom (when she isn’t a reality star or on a book tour).  I tend to believe the stories I read about Kate.  Yes, I get she can be a bitch.  But what wife hasn’t lashed out at her husband in the face of life and children.  Do we really all believe she acted that way 100% of the time?  Personally, I don’t think so.  Also tend to believe the stories about John.  Got married earlier, has lots of kids, pressures of reality fame and scrutiny…and is out sowing his oats.  Seems more apparent that both had a hand in their marital troubles huh?

OK – I did get sidetracked there – didn’t mean to write about those two.  So back to my original intent:

Kate has a support structure around her to care for her children that were born out of a relationship and (hopefully) love.  She has not gone through ump-teen invitro procedures, when there was not a clear path of support.  And this doctor – what sane, professional, up-standing medical doctor would implant a woman with 8 more knowing she had 6 at home and no husband or boyfriend (or girlfriend) or support system.  She lives with her parents.  She relies on their support.  Didn’t the house go into foreclosure when she was in the hospital?

This woman needs serious help.  Badly.  Or she is going to mess those kids up!  Can’t you see the headlines 12-15-20 years from now?  Octobaby arrested for X, Y and Z….

To the title of this post – people like Octomom won’t be allowed to mess up another child.
It sick how many people that should not have children have children. 
Or ones that desperately want one struggle and go to the most extreme measures to conceive or adopt.
It’s not fair. 

It’s an injustice I would like to change When I Rule The World.