The proper way to eat a Black & White Cookie

aka – If you are Jen Guadagno

I came home from a 5.31 mile run and went for a banana. But they weren’t ripe yet. So Norman offered me something from a pastry bag…a Black & White cookie! We rarely see these on the West Coast and I when I do, they are no where near comparison of the East Coast variety (or the ones coming out of my kitchen). So, this how I eat a B&W cookie:

1. Eat along the chocolate side

2. Eat along the white sugar icing

3. Even them out, leaving just a bit more white icing

4. Enjoy both flavors at once

4a. (but maybe going back to just chocolate if I want to finish off with the sugar icing


Weird kind of reminiscing

My office is nearly the end of the hallway.  On the right wing of the building from the lobby (or left, depending on your orientation).  The bathrooms are in the middle, by the main conference rooms and elevator bank.  Some days, because it is  s o  f a r  a w a y !  I wait until the last possible moment to go to the bathroom.  Practically speed walking to ease my discomfort.

Why am I telling you this?

Because when I was a freshman in college it was the same exact thing.  I was on the right wing (or left) off the lobby of my dorm.  Practically at the end.  My roommate and I would wait until the last possible moment. If I recollect, we really did run down the hall to the bathroom.

Talk about lazy.


I told Norman the other day with A nearly 7 years old, we have to stop calling it the “potty” and use a more age appropriate term.  Has your 7 yr-old given you the look when you said “potty”?  How about the 7 yr-old that thinks she’s 16?  I’m already uncool in so many ways.


Coming up – and I’ve been contemplating this post for weeks now – I’ll talk about Size.  That it really does matter.  Even though it should not.

December Quote

December’s Quotable Calendar wisdom…

Live in the moment and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering!

Fanny Crosby

Last month I wrote about the women’s conference I attended and some new tools I wanted to implement.  Full disclosure here – not doing so well on that.  The times I have my White Space, I am really struggling to sit still long enough to hear what I really want to be doing in that time.  Maybe it’s because most of that time is Sunday afternoon’s while A is at religious school.  Sunday is laundry day, and many many other household chore day. Plus – I really like being alone in my house for 2.75 hours.  I’ve already made judgments about it, like I can’t “waste” the time watching a movie or reading.  I “should” be doing something really creative or supporting.  I get in my own way so often it’s tiring.

This past weekend I was in Jersey.  It was my 20-yr high school reunion.  I think.  The event page was taken off Facebook before the event happened.  Either way, I ended up not going.  But that decision wasn’t until after I had purchased my plane ticket.  A whirlwind tour of 12 hours traveling Friday.  Dinner & Fantastic Mr. Fox with my mom on Friday.  Lunch with a long-time friend Saturday, shopping, another get together with friends.  Sunday brunch at my Dad’s, walk around their downtown neighborhood, off to the airport to go home – i.e. another 12 hours of travel.  Yesterday I was jet lagged and feeling sick.  Stuffy head and tired.  Today, feeling better but not 100%.  I don’t like being sick during the holidays.  Ugh!

I’m also feeling a bit off because the holiday decorating in my home usually starts Thanksgiving weekend.  A and Norman started the gingerbread house this weekend.  But that’s it so far.  The tubs of decorations have not been pulled out.  The living and dining rooms aren’t in a state to put anything out anyway.  It’s only December 1st and already feeling behind the curve.  That includes my holiday gift/shopping plan.  Most things are already purchased – but still have a few more to finish up.  Hopefully this weekend we can spend some time at home working on decorations.  Maybe sneak out for some shopping time as well.

Lastly, my birthday is next week.  I’m taking Friday off and going to the spa.  Well, first having my ass kicked by my trainer.  Then lunch and a massage, facial and pedi.  That will be just fabulous.  And perhaps just what I need to get out of this stress-funk once and for all to really enjoy this holiday season.

So – what are you doing to stay grounded?

magic and fantasy

I saw Coraline the other night.  In 3D no less.

I love movies like this. I eagerly await release and watch previews and listen to soundtracks.  Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, James & the Giant Peach… Stop motion is something so real, yet so imaginary and creative.  Part of it is the awe of watching art like that come together.  Part of it is the beauty – the intricacy of what is being produced.

It’s one of those moments in my life that I feel that “I wish”…grass is greener…where did I stray…?  Don’t get me wrong, I’m mostly happy with my career (particularly since I recently left HR)  I was raised in a house where it was all about the Responsible choice.  How it would move me forward, a solid foundation and “good credit”…it’s no wonder I didn’t learn until much later how to really spend my money wisely.  I digress.  The other side of Responsile was how it curtailed part of my personality.  One I’ve only come to recognize and nuture since I moved to the Pacific NorthWest. 

Still, I struggle with the creativity.  I have these tapes in my head repeating what I should not be doing, what I’m not supposed to be wasting my time on.  Bah.  Then there are others, getting louder telling me to take the time, stop for just 5 freaking minutes!  Working on this site, one outlet.  Still wanting to find some sort of craft or hobby, that will take me away and recharge my batteries.

I actually started this post 5 days ago. Waning in and out of what I wanted to say, trying to convey.  Needing to wrap it up with a pretty little bow.  And this is it.  For now.  Bet I’ll write about this again soon.

G’night all.