Which Madonna Era are you?

Because I’m a TOTAL sucker for online quizzes that place me into some pop culture category…

And I dressed up as “Lucky Star Madonna” for my 40th birthday party!

Your results:
You are 80’s Madonna

80’s Madonna
Mid-80’s Madonna

You treat boys like toys. With your rebellious -punk attitude everyday is a Holiday for you. You must have a Lucky Star, because it shines on you wherever you are!

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Great Packaging

I have a soft spot for beautiful packaging.  Particularly wrapped gifts.  I love spending time making gifts look unique.  I love studying other people’s wrap, design, creative process.

Recently, I bought a great pair of earrings from alibli on Etsy.  They arrived in the mail today and I’m SO excited how they were wrapped up and sent off.  I took pictures to share with you all…

The box out of the envelope

Note the special tag “just for Jen…” how awesome!

Underneath it all, to show the designer

Open the box – note on the jewelry design and construction, earrings wrapped carefully in individual packets

And a Thank You note!

Finally, as they are meant to be, hanging from my ears…

Thank you Alice, you totally made my day!