November 2012 Monthly Quote

Into each day,

put in about

one teaspoonful

of good spirits,

a dash of fun,

a pinch of folly,

a sprinkling of play,

and a heaping cupful

of good humor!

— H.M.S.

This month’s quote is totally dorky. And fun. Doesn’t really resonate with me though.

It’s been a year since my trip to Singapore. It’s been on my mind to write the “One Year Later” post about what I’m thinking and how I feel about the experience. More on that later.

Today is the US Election for our next President. And lots of decisions in Washington State too. Marriage Equality! Legalize Marijuana! Charter Schools! The downside of being strictly mail-in ballot is when things are so close. So close that it really gets down to every single form being counted. Which I’m under “Signature Challenge” right now.

Last week, I was pissed about it. Particularly after I sent a mail inquiring about how I know my vote is counted. The first customer service response indicated needing a real signature and not “a J with a bunch of circles.” Um, excuse me?! That IS my signature thank you very much. I’ve refinanced my house, bought a car and a few other legal documents in the last 9 years since I signed a voter registration card. That response – fire breathing, head ripping How Dare They emotional response. I calmed down. Emailed back, with nice, friendly language about it. The second rep that emailed me back suggested I resubmit a voter registration card to refresh my signature. Won’t help me now, I’m actively tracking that one. And telling everyone I know to go make sure your vote was received and recorded.

On the flip side, I guess the system is working. What if it was voter fraud, what if I was deceased and someone was trying to manipulate a vote. From that perspective – yes, thank for you asking me to resubmit a signature. Please, just don’t be a dick about it.

I’m eager to see the results as I’m sure most of the country feels as well. I’m just as eager to see our own state results!

It’s now 4:53, if you haven’t voted you (in WA state) have 3 hours and 7 minutes to get it in. So go do it!

(stepping off soap box)
(for the second time today)

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