July 2012 Monthly Quote

Here it is the last day of the month, and getting around to the monthly quote.

Be Bold, Free

and Truthful.

– Brenda Ueland –

I could explain it away that I have no energy around it. It hasn’t inspired any thought or subject to contemplate for 31 days (or 19 since I only see it at work).

I feel as though the summer is moving so quickly. July started out famously here in the PNW, then it got chilly. I want my warm afternoons and more time on the deck! In two weeks my baby goes to her first sleep away camp. For a week. I’m excited for the time to be childless and a couple. Also a bit weepy that this is the next phase of her growing up. Maybe next summer she can go spend a week on the east coast with grandparent(s).

I’ve been focused on actually doing things this summer and not get sucked into the comfort of home. So far we have gone to a concert at the zoo, attended the Bainbridge Bluegrass festival and are going to a movie at Marymoor tomorrow night. We still have more movies and concerts planned. I also want to venture to a farmer’s market outside my home base (out on the Peninsula perhaps?)

I want to enjoy my summer. It’s such a nice time here in the Seattle-area.