My super, wonderful, caring-beyond-words Kidlet

My life the last few weeks has been consumed by Auction talk/planning/execution. It had taken over vast amounts of time and stress. My family has been very patient with me. Particularly A.

I pretty much tell her on a daily basis that I know it’s hard, that my stress has nothing to do with her, that I’m doing the best I can. I’ve gotten everything from “I know Mom” to “I HATE the auction!!” or “It is almost over… Finally!”

Earlier this week she had Norman slip a note under my pillow that I wasn’t supposed to read until the morning. He is in London for a 5-day trip and returning home tomorrow. He’s been traveling a lot lately and that is putting a different strain on A.

If anything, that kid has been the most mature “adult” in the house.

And here is her note:

Hi Mom. Please don’t think about the auction it will make you unhappy so have a good day. Think about work, dad (Norman) cupcakes, going out to dinner maybe and me. I love you so much.

Love, A

OK – how freaking cute is it that she put Norman in parentheses?! Like I don’t know who dad is (cutie girl)

But seriously – how perceptive is my kid? She hit on all the major points, particularly the cupcakes. She is a care-taker type more than her mother or father will ever be. I suppose every family needs one – who ever thought it would be the youngest family member.

I love my awesome kidlet!

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