March 2012 Monthly Quote

It’s been quite the year so far. If you see me regularly, you have probably heard me say “After the auction” way too frequently. Our PTA Fundraising auction is next Friday night.  Let’s just say it’s been a journey and leave it at that.

There are two posts I want to come back to at some point.

When I can breathe.

After the auction.

Today, I flipped my calendar. That Universe! That funny, quirky, knows-exactly-what-I-need universe that serves up the right message at the right time. Excuse me. That I attract to me…

Relax. Breathe in deep.

Hold it. Let it out.

Loosen your shoulders.

Smile. Close your eyes.

You’ll be surprised at

how many voices you’ll

hear, whispering sweet

encouragement into

your ear.

–Mike Dooley

I am so tightly wound these days I am nearly crying when I close my eyes. Norman is on a project that has him traveling weekly. That is a different kind of crazy for everyone living in the house.

The Kidlet is growing in ways that make my heart melt and my anxiety flare. She has told me a few times how she is almost a “tween”, given me Glam lessons and has started wearing clip on earrings since I refuse to let her pierce hers until she can ride her damn bike! Or turn 10. She is as stubborn as I am. So I guess I know what her 10th birthday present will be (she’s 8 now).

Kate-the-cat has been having some health issues and it’s stressing us all out. She goes back to the vet tomorrow and we are hoping for good news.

In the meantime, I’m going to shut down my computer now. Get in the car, go to a Y-family event, maybe some more work and then sleep.  Tomorrow I see my trainer, have a board meeting, taking the day off from my Paid Job to spend the day on my Volunteer Job.

I should find a few options to breathe deep and close my eyes.

And then keep doing it

Even After The Auction.

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