Cortona, Day 2 – Early Morning

Norman and I just got back from the Piazza where we each had a cappuccino and fabulous pastries.  I believe it was when I took the second bite of my croissant and sip of capp that I decided, Norman will be running on his own this week.  I’m going to indulge and enjoy (note to self – I am rather exercise obsessed, perhaps something to discuss with my therapist upon return).  I was actually surprised how many store fronts were open at 8am on a Sunday.  A different culture for sure.  Suppose I don’t have to worry about the grocery opening today so we can get some food for the house.


I woke this morning to chirping birds and church bells.  So unless there is some kind of super sonic ear plugs in town, those bells will be waking me at 7 each morning.  Not that I mind, having spent a few days in London I’m not jet lagged.  That was a good choice!  My poor housemates.  Here is the view I will look out on each morning…

Bedroom Cortona

View from my bed in Italy

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