Casa San Marco – Cortona, Italy

OMG this place is out of my dreams!  I love the rustic house, the eclectic decor, it has been a great start in our trip to Italy.  With the easy passage through customs in Rome to our 2-hour transit via car to Cortona – Enzo our driver was spectacular in a very Italian fashion.  Who would have thought that lanes in the road would be “suggestions”.  Ending in a very harrowing trip up a mountain on the very edge, so frightful for me that I had to close my eyes, breathe deep and trust the process (something I have come to practice on a nearly daily basis).  The house is spectacular – I could spend a lifetime here – although I know my fabulous husband probably would need a floor to himself to go more modern or mid-twentieth century – I am in total awe and appreciation for the antique furniture and homey feel of the place.  Each bedroom was more amazing and fun than the first.  Ours has a great door to the veranda looking out over the town.  I very much look forward to the coming days and adventures.

When I packed and planned for this trip, I included enough work out gear to get me through 2 weeks.  I am now very happy I spent so much time in the hotel gym in London.  I’m extremely tempted to spend my days in wine, food and relaxation.  One week won’t make much of a difference.   I’ll survive.

More pictures to be shared in the coming days, for a quick glance into our initial time as friends sharing laughs and wine, check out Norman’s site (also blogging our vacation) and enjoy!  We broke open the uber-magnum of wine.  I think between the 7 of us, it may be near polished off by the end of tomorrow.  I look forward to exploring the town more tomorrow.

This is a well deserved, much-needed, and exciting vacation ahead!

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