London–Day One

We are finally here!  That 6 hour lay over in Phoenix made the trip feel extra long.  I will rub it in one more time that the perks of Business Class tickets made it oh-so enjoyable.  Particularly with the seat reclining flat.  Regardless of me crunching up my Kindle like a piece of paper when reclining my seat.  What a crappy mistake that was…(just a mistake)

I won’t even complain about the hour it took to get through the border because there was only ONE agent working on a Wednesday afternoon.  It was also an entertaining trip in from Heathrow, trying to read street maps and going in circles.  Just to find we were closer than we thought.

We took a walk past Buckingham Place, St Johns Park, Scotland Yard, Big Ben – you know, all the favorites.  It was good to be outside in the fresh air and walking after all that time in airports.  Then we had a fantastic meal at Wagamama that someone recommended.  The flavors were just perfect – I ate nearly the whole plate!  Now we are back in our hotel room with a glass of wine and the TV going.  Trying to figure out how we are getting to the villa Saturday night since the last train out of Rome is 6pm, and we arrive at 5:50pm.  ugh!

On the up-side, tomorrow if breakfast, Tate Modern, probably some other good stuff, Norman is working for a few hours, then dinner out! 

I do miss my kiddo terribly!  She seems to be doing well though, keeping busy with Girl Scouts and her Science Expo project (such a proud mom moment, her first Science Expo!)

Good night London, thanks for having us.

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