Let’s all just take a deep breath….

This post has been on my “To Do” list for 2 weeks now.  It should not take this long to sit for 15 minutes and write up an entry.  Perhaps it’s facing down another year, wanting to renew commitment, or leftover Catholic guilt….once again I’ll say I want to write here more.  I got Soul Pancake for Christmas and spent the last bit reading through the first few chapters.  Some interesting questions in there that may lead to post topics.  Anyway….the topic at hand.

Patience.  Waiting in lines.  We all have bad days.

Two weeks ago I decided to go to Starbucks in the morning after my gym visit and before my first meeting.  I knew I would be cutting it close, but there was something about the desire to go to My Starbucks, get a coffee and earn more gold credits that was calling me.  My first indicator was the line reaching the door as I approached.  Oh well I thought I’m here so let’s commit to this, I’ll be cutting it extra close.

I waited patiently.  Focused on not allowing the line get to me, since history would say I would be the impatient one.  I could tell by looking at the people behind the counter it was Just A Bad Day.  Twice I saw the manager come out to hand deliver a coffee to someone with an apology and free drink coupon.  I mean, come on!  Where does that happen?  Free drinks?

I really felt for them, which made my commitment to give them my business that day even more solid.  We all have Bad Days. 

Just as I had ordered and moved over to wait at the bar, a couple ahead of me was growing increasingly impatient.  The first drink was one of those hand deliveries with an apology and a coupon.  The guy just brushed off the personal effort made.  Then he asked in a very annoyed, condescending manner where their breakfast sandwiches were. The barista directed him to the other side of the store, which of course I knew being a regular.  So he huffed over there to get the sandwiches.  By the time he got back the woman  had her drink.  It was obvious they messed up the order somehow, she was inspecting the cup, sniffing it, moving a straw around to see what’s inside.  The guy asked if they should have it remade (which they will do without question) and the woman says, very loudly “No, this is ridiculous, we are already incredibly late”.

I thought, how sad, so much negative energy coursing through those 2 right now.  We all have those Bad Days and it really impacted me to take my deep breaths and not be upset about it and just go with the flow of the universe.  I felt pretty good about it.

The funny part, by the time I got my drink, added cinnamon, made it out to my car and pulled away… that couple was still getting settled in their car.