Groundhogs Day (again)

I had a revelation this afternoon that I thought, Hey, That Would Be A Good Blog Post.  You know that movie Groundhogs Day?  Yep – I’m gonna write about that.  Huh, seems I already DID!!!  So it just proves my point.  After rereading that blog post, it took all the wind from my sails.  Deflated the balloon.  Tarnished the finish.  Plus any other analogy I can come up with in the next few hours.

Perhaps the different question is WHY am I still living Groundhogs Day?  What lesson have I not learned in my professional life?  Or is this just my professional life?  The thought I had today is my Groundhogs continue to repeat until either (1) the project just ends, (2) a milestone is reached or (3) we are all so exasperated people give up or make the call and move forward.  Is this what project managers do?  Will it be agenda item #3 after the intro and agenda review when I take my PMP class?  Is there going to be a test question?  It should NOT be this hard, so who put all those other people in charge to keep unearthing buried treasure?

I’m talking in circles.

At least that is how it feels right now.

Perhaps I had such a fabulous weekend (which I did thank you very much) the effort to work today has just been too much to handle.  And I’m not alone.  Nearly everyone I have encountered today is either late, lost or discombobulated.  I’ve been all but late today.  (note – I spelled discombobulated right so I can’t be that far off)

Now it’s 4:12 pm and I’m ready to go home.  Phew – let’s put this one to bed!

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