Weird kind of reminiscing

My office is nearly the end of the hallway.  On the right wing of the building from the lobby (or left, depending on your orientation).  The bathrooms are in the middle, by the main conference rooms and elevator bank.  Some days, because it is  s o  f a r  a w a y !  I wait until the last possible moment to go to the bathroom.  Practically speed walking to ease my discomfort.

Why am I telling you this?

Because when I was a freshman in college it was the same exact thing.  I was on the right wing (or left) off the lobby of my dorm.  Practically at the end.  My roommate and I would wait until the last possible moment. If I recollect, we really did run down the hall to the bathroom.

Talk about lazy.


I told Norman the other day with A nearly 7 years old, we have to stop calling it the “potty” and use a more age appropriate term.  Has your 7 yr-old given you the look when you said “potty”?  How about the 7 yr-old that thinks she’s 16?  I’m already uncool in so many ways.


Coming up – and I’ve been contemplating this post for weeks now – I’ll talk about Size.  That it really does matter.  Even though it should not.

March Quote

Yes, I know.  I never posted February’s quote. It was one of the crazier months in a long, long time.  Multiple, many-hour live meetings.  Quick trip to the Bay Area for project meetings.  Late nights last week prepping for a leadership read out session.  I hit a wall about 3pm PST, Thursday, February 25th and I’ve barely recovered as of 3pm PST, Monday, March 1st.  I know things will kinda calm down by April, it will be a different kind of busy.  (note to self – in early Feb I was saying by 3/1…last week I was saying by 3/15…creeping creeping creeping)

Anyhoo…on to March’s Quote.  As each month goes by and I flip my calendar pages – I continue to be surprised by the message the universe is sending me via this calendar.  Get a load of this one:

1. the path is not straight.

2. mistakes need not be fatal.

3. people are more important than achievements or possessions.

4. be gentle with your parents

5. never stop doing what you care most about.

6. learn to use a semicolon.

7. you will find love.

– marion winik

uh… #1-3 nearly knocked me off my seat!  After all, it’s only a JOB!! right?  I do take a lot of pride in what I do.  I like what I do.  I enjoy the people I work with.  And still there are times, when I’m driving to the office thinking, I could just keep going, don’t take the exit, don’t go to the parking garage, run away for the day…run away…  I don’t run away.  I have an overwhelming sense of responsibility in my life.  Not just work – in my life.  I see so many aspects of my past – childhood and all – that led me to this feeling.  It all ties into that challenge in letting go and just Being.  Have you heard that one before, pretty hooky, I’m a human BEing, not a human DOing  Yeah – I rolled my eyes too.  It is true though, on some level.

My latest (work) relief is to update my To Do list daily.  I don’t mean go and check off the boxes.  It’s go, rewrite the To Do list and remove anything completed.  I’m in a place of 3 steps forward and 7 steps back.  It’s frustrating.  It’s reality.  It will get done, it always does.  I just need to remember to stop along the way and get a pedicure, or stay up late to finish a book, or to take a damned day off from time to time.

Oh – hey –

Have a pedi scheduled tonight, finished my book about 11:35 last night, and I’m taking this Friday off!  Must be on the right track somewhere.