Giving up on Green?

So – seems I was not the only OCD sanitary freak believer here at Microsoft. (side note, Word does not supply any synonyms for freak – is that the PC thing to do?)  In case you need a refresher – I ranted 3 months ago on the insanity of installing new paper towel dispensers a couple of weeks after installing hand dryers based on Green initiatives at the company.

So a few weeks ago I enter the restroom to see the Dyson dryer has been ripped from the wall! (embellishing just a bit)  There has been a hole in the wall since then.  Yesterday, I noticed the spackle.  Today, the wall has been painted and ready for more wallpaper.

I wonder what led to the waste of purchasing hand dryers for multiple bathrooms on multiple floors of multiple buildings…only to remove them so quickly.  Were they a loaner?  Was it a test model that Dyson is now improving upon?  Given the hole/patch project, I’m thinking no.

So sad.  So wasteful.

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