Alienating Advertising

I love loved a Klondike bar.  The last month of my pregnancy I ate one every day.  There was NO substitute (as my husband found out the hard way).  6 years later, not sure how many times I’ve had one.  Regardless, there is was a special place in my heart for a Klondike Bar.

I was on some website this morning.  Not sure which one.  That doesn’t matter.  There was a display ad for Klondike Bars.  It had some flashy animation thing, and I saw something about more chocolate.  Knowing how much I have enjoyed them in the past – I clicked on the link.


See that highlight?  The one about the “Man Cave”?  Sure, I clicked it.  Sadly, the deeper you go into the cave, the more offensive it is to me as a Woman.  Here are a few highlights…

  1. How about that moose head?  This Guy has known it longer than “your girl” – really?
  2. “Khaki Pants Pete” – oh jeez, it is SO hard being a man, being nagged all the time by your wife, life is so fucking hard, then you have to drop off the sitter, but also get a “gift” for the bachelor party, so do you go to the sex shop first then drop off the sitter?  Can you say harassment?!
  3. “Michael Ian Black” TV – different vignettes on what a guy would do for a Klondike bar.  This riled me up the most! Women in French maid costumes serving a bar and getting an ass goggling?  They guy agrees to kiss the next woman coming out of the gym, after a parade of well toned, pretty girls in work out wear – the next one out the door is an older, heavy set, homely looking woman. That he kisses on the cheek.



I tweeted a fail on Klondike for the Man Cave.  I got a response back that asked what I would do for a Klondike Bar.  Are they kidding me?!?!  So I tweeted back to them that they are missing the point.  They have alienated half their audience.  Would you want to support a product that had very little regard for women.  I haven’t heard anything back.

I get that people are tired of the whole PC environment.  I get that many women would not find this offensive.  I get that many (most?) guys don’t see the problem here…  It matters to me.  I have friends with a similar mind set that would support me.  All it takes is one voice…

What would you do?  Think about it.

2 thoughts on “Alienating Advertising

  1. Interesting that they appear to be soliciting a male market – I’ve seen a male-oriented ad on tv, too. what makes Klondike bars particularly “male”?

    If you think about it, the ad is offensive to men, too.

    Most of the men I know are not the immature, slacking, meathead variety of Man being heralded here. Most of the men I know don’t feel “trapped” in their family life or degrade women.

    I know there are men out there – married men with kids and wives and jobs and minivans – who are simply spoiled children wrapped in a man’s body, the kind portrayed in these ads.

    But do we have to throw them a party for it? Do we have to create a marketing niche for them?

    This is exactly the kind of thing Disney does with it’s portrayal of stupid, absent, and bumbling fathers.


    Show me some real men, please.

  2. Great comment Jen – totally agree.

    I would offer the bumbling husband has become more prevelant in advertising in the last decade or two. Where oppression of women, or portraying as a sexualized “object” has been around much longer. I took a (fascinating) women’s studies course in college focused just on advertising.

    I want to see some more real men. What kind of example are we setting for our daughters? Only so much will be learned at home – and so much more from society around them.

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