Patience is not my virtue

Yesterday, A and I went out for errands – library, grocery shopping, playing in water fountains, etc.  In the middle of this, lunch needed to happen.  So we went to a local place in Redmond, diner-like, breakfast all day, you know the type.

I’m tired.  More importantly hungry. Probably 15 minutes past my safe zone – nerves are shot, eyes sinking into my skull, trying to think clearly enough to order food fast for both of us.  A likes to get the french toast and egg.  No surprise, this is what she orders.  Few minutes later, food delivered.

A decides she wants to pour the syrup from the jar into the little bowl the jar was delivered in.  All is fine until she stops pouring and starts inspecting the jar, turning it in her hand.  I tell her to put the syrup down right away.  She looks at me with that devious face.  Right NOW! as I point my finger exactly on the table where she should place the jar.  But no….she wants to lick off the spot of syrup she found on her wrist. Can you see it coming?  She turns her wrist to lick, the jar goes from vertical, past horizontal, quickly towards the 180 degree angle.  Syrup pours down her arm and onto her dress.  “A!  I told you to put the syrup down.  You don’t listen to me, and now you have syrup all over you!”

And the reality of the 6 year old sitting across from me kicks in. 

She’s 6!  I am way to hard on this kid.  I am a horrible mother.
(have you heard this tape before?)

We go about lunch and grocery shopping.  We get home, unpack and start doing puzzles together. 

Side note – we both love puzzles. I think we could spend all day in the dining room doing puzzles together.  She’s mastered the 300 piece, it might be time for the 500

I look at her “A?”


“I wanted to apologize for snapping at you at the restaurant.  I was very frustrated that you were not listening to me and that resulted in the accident.  I lost my temper and I’m sorry.”

“That’s OK Mommy.”

“I should not have lost my temper.  I’ll try to better next time.”

“I know Mommy, it’s OK.”  She smiles that smile of love and goes back to her puzzle.

Can I please crawl under a rock now?  Could I feel any more worse?  We are fire and ice.  Such the typical mother/daughter dynamic.  Have I mentioned she’s 6?  Feel like I really have my work cut out for me here.  Time to commit.

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