School trips

Last week I helped out with A’s classroom trip to Mukilteo Beach.  Kindergartens searching tide pools for little critters from their last few weeks of lessons.  Also, an overview of the lighthouse and a trip up to the top.  I had a lot of fun.  It appears that the kids did too. 

I was thinking how she will never have the school trip experiences I did if  we remain in Washington.  NO, there aren’t any plans to move.  Sure, there’s lots more nature for her out here.  Hiking or snow or the Pike Place Market.  Lots of fun outings and learning opportunities.

You wondering what my trips were like?  I certainly didn’t appreciate them back then.  If *every* year of elementary school you went and saw the Liberty Bell, it may lose it’s specialness and appeal as well.  Or Independence Hall, Ben Franklin’s house – or the  Franklin Institute for that matter!  How many kids get a chance to walk through a human heart and see all it’s wonders?  (side note – I was seriously afraid of that exhibit until I was a teenager)

Yes, growing up outside of Philly gave my brother and I lots of opportunities to see first hand much of our nation’s history and development.  Maybe it lent to him being somewhat of a history buff.  Maybe it challenged me in a way art museums do not – the analyzer that I am.  Who knows?!

Luckily, we still have family in the area.  I’ll have to make it a point that she visits those fabulous places and understands the history multiple times as a child.  Not just that one-time visit to Philadelphia on a Family Vacation.

Add to To Do list – other learning opportunities, that aren’t local, I want to expose to my child.

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