By this point in the week, if you haven’t heard of Susan Boyle, you must live under a rock.  This article, Is Susan Boyle ugly? Or are we?, gives a great, direct thought on the double standards of men and women (thanks Jen Zug for the link)

Just had a team pizza lunch and this news story came up in conversation.  It actually arose by someone commenting on the song she sang from Les Miserable (one of the best songs ever!!).  Another person jumped in saying it took her until yesterday to get over her anger at why this is so amazing.  She’s right.  There are millions of talented people out there and not interested in the public (i.e. celebrity) stage. 

The post above gives some examples of “ugly” men that have risen to fame and their appearances weren’t a shock.  Or – it didn’t stand in their way.  It feels like the never-ending, ever-increasing uphill battle for equality and unrealistic body image.  Is there any question why so many are fucking messed up on body image?!

Personally, I’m happy that Susan is pursuing her dream regardless.  And that her dream is quickly coming true.  I think she’ll be very solid in what she will and will not do with her personal life to maintain that success.  So go Susan!

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