Never Again

There are few issues I associate myself with in the world.  There truly are so many needy people, so many that deserve protection, so many lacking basic human needs.  Yet, I’m not a god/goddess/all knowing power that can help them all.  So, I pick my passions and contribute where I can. 

Genocide is one of my topics.  As a teenager supporting Amnesty International engaging in letter writing campaigns and protests, rallies, etc.  Now, through contributions to stop genocide in the world (hello?  Darfur?  Sudan anyone?).

Today, while working, I got the “red tab” on my IE window alerting me to some important, breaking news story.  “Alleged Nazi guard gets stay of deportation to Germany” on MSNBC.  I will not say I know a lot about this story.  Nor about this particular human being and crimes he did or did not commit in the world.  Regardless of innocence or guilt, I’m glad he is going to stand before a court and be tried.  I don’t care if he is 19 or 99 – I don’t care how frail or sick or healthy he is.  If there is evidence, and Germany is looking to have him stand trial, then get him over to Germany!

What saddens me, what prompts me to write this post, is the comments at the end of the article.  Many people stating (paraphrasing here)…

  • Let It Go
  • It was 70 years ago
  • Who cares?
  • He’s so old and sickly, leave him be

How can people say this?  Can they even imagine for 30 seconds what it must be like for a Holocaust survivor, an orphaned Sudanese child, a raped & tortured Rwandan woman…where is their justice?  Who is standing up for these people?  Who the HELL cares about pure bred puppies or procrastinating tax payers or Miley Cyrus being a role model or not – why are we hiding behind more trivial stories and water cooler discussions?  I know it’s an uncomfortable topic.  I know it’s politically heated and not truly water cooler discussion topic.  But – Damn it!  There are people that fear for their existence on a daily basis.  Fear the reproach for declaring a religious belief.  Hide physical aspects of themselves to not catch notice of those who don’t approve and stand to hurt.  Are persecuted for the mere fact of being born into particular circumstances they have no control over.

I get being casual and dismissive around the water cooler.  Let’s not be dismissive when basic human rights are at stake.  Because you never know who is next.  Never.

Never Again: What You Do Matters – 2009 Days of Remembrance – April 19th – 26th

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