I’m too old for this stuff…then I had a Zoloft

Watching How I Met Your Mother and they are talking about being too old to do certain things.  Like – beer bong…raves…sleeping on futons…piercing body parts…  So I’m thinking, what am I too old for?

I think this is why I’ve had some hesitancy and reservation with my new ink (pictures coming after the touch up in a few weeks).  Am I too old for this?  The few people that have had a sneak peak to my back, has absolutely loved the piece.  Ok, ok…I know I can’t adequately see my own back.  And why my artist insisted Norman take a picture so I can study it from the perspective it’s meant to be viewed.  To give that kind of critical eye to discuss the last few changes, if any.

I digress. If I let go of that, those persistent tapes of what I should be doing in my life.  Well then, fuck it I’m finishing up a kick ass tattoo.  So suck on that!

Off to finish reading Heather Armstrong’s new book.  Going to see her tomorrow night for a reading.  I have to say, I think it’s a good thing that another woman has come out to share her story of post partum depression.  It’s real.  I don’t understand how people can discount it, say moms need to take vitamins or are faking it…god damn it parenting is the hardest thing.  E-V-E-R!!  There are not any words to describe to parentless-adults (children?) how incredibly hard it is to be a parent.  It’s so overwhelming. 

Regardless of what people think of Heather’s writing style, or the lead up to the breakdown – it is one more story, maybe one less mom feels so alone.  Maybe even more.  Isn’t that worth it?

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