Pin-up girls vs. One of the Guys

Have you been paying attention to all these musicians, actors, whatever danger boys – ink, piercings, alternative lifestyles.  These guys – they were my friends in high school and college.  Early years in Seattle.  I was One of The Guys.  Always have been.  I’m not a tomboy, never really a prissy girlie girl either.  Just always related well with the guys.

So – how many of these guys do you see with girls like me?  Not many.  They always seem to go for these bottle blonde, skinny, model types.  The ones that could care *less* about these guys back in HS.  The ones these guys used to make fun of for being mindless, drone cheerleaders (or was that a cover? hm…)

I don’t know where I’m going with this.  Just been thinking about it lately as I follow my gossip rags.

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