magic and fantasy

I saw Coraline the other night.  In 3D no less.

I love movies like this. I eagerly await release and watch previews and listen to soundtracks.  Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, James & the Giant Peach… Stop motion is something so real, yet so imaginary and creative.  Part of it is the awe of watching art like that come together.  Part of it is the beauty – the intricacy of what is being produced.

It’s one of those moments in my life that I feel that “I wish”…grass is greener…where did I stray…?  Don’t get me wrong, I’m mostly happy with my career (particularly since I recently left HR)  I was raised in a house where it was all about the Responsible choice.  How it would move me forward, a solid foundation and “good credit”…it’s no wonder I didn’t learn until much later how to really spend my money wisely.  I digress.  The other side of Responsile was how it curtailed part of my personality.  One I’ve only come to recognize and nuture since I moved to the Pacific NorthWest. 

Still, I struggle with the creativity.  I have these tapes in my head repeating what I should not be doing, what I’m not supposed to be wasting my time on.  Bah.  Then there are others, getting louder telling me to take the time, stop for just 5 freaking minutes!  Working on this site, one outlet.  Still wanting to find some sort of craft or hobby, that will take me away and recharge my batteries.

I actually started this post 5 days ago. Waning in and out of what I wanted to say, trying to convey.  Needing to wrap it up with a pretty little bow.  And this is it.  For now.  Bet I’ll write about this again soon.

G’night all.

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