A has reentered the ask-a-question-about-everything-and-drive-mom-nuts phase.  Here are a few of my favorite from the last few days…

  1. (in reference to why people have names) … who invented letters to make up names?
  2. (see previous) … why is Olivia such a popular name?
  3. When are you having book club at our house again? I want to be with those women.
    kid – book club is mommy’s secret place with “peace & quiet” juice and you aren’t invited
  4. (in reference to me not going to shul with her and daddy) … Mommy, why don’t you believe in anything?
    Know where I went with this? Gay marriage. Yep, explained the concept of the Catholic Church being anti-gay/anti-gay marriage in 5 yr-old terms. She found this totally rational and acceptable.  So there!
  5. Why did the kid poop in the pool?  Why can’t I swim in that pool?  Will they ever open the pool again? Because I don’t like the other pool, it’s too deep
    kid – you are in lessons to deal with deep pools!
  6. Why do I have to take a short shower? I want a long shower (whine whine whine)
    To her, a long shower is 20 minutes – she used less water taking a bath
  7. (in reference to me not getting her something at Target) … Why can’t I buy anything today?
    because you spent all your money last week at the Hello Kitty store
    I know, but now it’s today and I want to buy something, I need money now!
    Join the club kid.
  8. When Papa John is here, can I… (fill in the blank with any possible action she wants to trick my father into)
  9. When is quiet time over?  Is quiet time over yet?  Can I come downstairs?
    Now…where is my “peace & quiet” juice…

2 thoughts on “inquisitive

  1. Too funny! Thanks for sharing! I guess this is something I have to look forward to! Should I stock up on the “peace & quiet” juice now?

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