Over committed? me? no…

It’s 1:10 pm PST here in Redmond, WA.  I committed on Wednesday to get a bunch of documents out today for a project I’m leading.  What was I thinking?  Sure – I powered through a whole lot of stuff this morning, super productive.  I’ve hit a wall.  Not only that, there are two others things I have to get done today.  Then another deliverable due Monday (personal, career development plan that will suck up a few hours).  There is that fine line for me between doing a good job and setting realistic expectations and doing a mostly good job because I don’t feel I have the boundaries.  I bet you anything, if I email these people I’m supposed to send all this stuff to today, and said it would be ready first thing Monday morning, that would likely be OK.  After all, if I finish if 5pm PST, are they really go to work on it over the weekend?

My brain is melting.

So – I’m looking forward to date night in 7 hours.  Norman and I are going to see Milk at a nice little independent theater here is Redmond. That serves cocktail and fancy popcorn. They will even refresh your drink in the middle of the movie!

In 5 hours I’ll be in an elementary school gym with my munchkin playing bingo.  Trying to win a Barbie…goddess help me! … http://www.adiosbarbie.com/ and The book

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