Pin-up girls vs. One of the Guys

Have you been paying attention to all these musicians, actors, whatever danger boys – ink, piercings, alternative lifestyles.  These guys – they were my friends in high school and college.  Early years in Seattle.  I was One of The Guys.  Always have been.  I’m not a tomboy, never really a prissy girlie girl either.  Just always related well with the guys.

So – how many of these guys do you see with girls like me?  Not many.  They always seem to go for these bottle blonde, skinny, model types.  The ones that could care *less* about these guys back in HS.  The ones these guys used to make fun of for being mindless, drone cheerleaders (or was that a cover? hm…)

I don’t know where I’m going with this.  Just been thinking about it lately as I follow my gossip rags.

free to be you and me

OK kids of the 70’s, who was raised with this book in regular rotation?  I remember reading this with my mom, my dad, other family members…listening to the record for Boy Meets Girl.  I still have my original copy, and it’s so loved!  I’m almost afraid to open it up so it doesn’t disintegrate.

So I was overjoyed when I saw a 35th Anniversary edition.  I bought it for me.  Or so I thought.  I read it cover to cover.  The art has been updated, modernized.  Which probably makes sense for the 5-yr-old in the other room.  Or maybe not…  Anyway.  It sat on my floor in the “book pile” for about 3 weeks before A noticed it.  I read her Boy Meets Girl and Ladies First!  She loved them.  It’s in regular rotation now.  The updated version has a CD, but only 4 of the songs/stories.  So I dug out the 70’s version on CD I got many years ago in anticipation of children.  I haven’t given it to A yet.  I listened to it in the car today on my (frustrating) drive to work.  Such…great…memories…

Sesame Street still a child favorite…the Electric Company back on TV…Free to Be You and Me…it’s great to see my childhood favorites back in rotation for all those great lessons like tolerance, love, diversity.  I just hope A continues to like them, and has the same appreciation 30 years from now.

salted caramel cake

Last weekend I made the most amazing cake.  I took pictures, and I’ll post more about the adventure soon.

My dad is visiting this week.  A has been on mid-winter break (don’t even get me started!) and they have been watching her part of the week.  It’s been great, and A is super excited to be spending time with them.  It’s hard having family so far away.  It makes these times together that much more special.  Today – we are going to lunch, A is showing Papa the new play area at Bell Sq, then off to paint pottery.

magic and fantasy

I saw Coraline the other night.  In 3D no less.

I love movies like this. I eagerly await release and watch previews and listen to soundtracks.  Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, James & the Giant Peach… Stop motion is something so real, yet so imaginary and creative.  Part of it is the awe of watching art like that come together.  Part of it is the beauty – the intricacy of what is being produced.

It’s one of those moments in my life that I feel that “I wish”…grass is greener…where did I stray…?  Don’t get me wrong, I’m mostly happy with my career (particularly since I recently left HR)  I was raised in a house where it was all about the Responsible choice.  How it would move me forward, a solid foundation and “good credit”…it’s no wonder I didn’t learn until much later how to really spend my money wisely.  I digress.  The other side of Responsile was how it curtailed part of my personality.  One I’ve only come to recognize and nuture since I moved to the Pacific NorthWest. 

Still, I struggle with the creativity.  I have these tapes in my head repeating what I should not be doing, what I’m not supposed to be wasting my time on.  Bah.  Then there are others, getting louder telling me to take the time, stop for just 5 freaking minutes!  Working on this site, one outlet.  Still wanting to find some sort of craft or hobby, that will take me away and recharge my batteries.

I actually started this post 5 days ago. Waning in and out of what I wanted to say, trying to convey.  Needing to wrap it up with a pretty little bow.  And this is it.  For now.  Bet I’ll write about this again soon.

G’night all.


A has reentered the ask-a-question-about-everything-and-drive-mom-nuts phase.  Here are a few of my favorite from the last few days…

  1. (in reference to why people have names) … who invented letters to make up names?
  2. (see previous) … why is Olivia such a popular name?
  3. When are you having book club at our house again? I want to be with those women.
    kid – book club is mommy’s secret place with “peace & quiet” juice and you aren’t invited
  4. (in reference to me not going to shul with her and daddy) … Mommy, why don’t you believe in anything?
    Know where I went with this? Gay marriage. Yep, explained the concept of the Catholic Church being anti-gay/anti-gay marriage in 5 yr-old terms. She found this totally rational and acceptable.  So there!
  5. Why did the kid poop in the pool?  Why can’t I swim in that pool?  Will they ever open the pool again? Because I don’t like the other pool, it’s too deep
    kid – you are in lessons to deal with deep pools!
  6. Why do I have to take a short shower? I want a long shower (whine whine whine)
    To her, a long shower is 20 minutes – she used less water taking a bath
  7. (in reference to me not getting her something at Target) … Why can’t I buy anything today?
    because you spent all your money last week at the Hello Kitty store
    I know, but now it’s today and I want to buy something, I need money now!
    Join the club kid.
  8. When Papa John is here, can I… (fill in the blank with any possible action she wants to trick my father into)
  9. When is quiet time over?  Is quiet time over yet?  Can I come downstairs?
    Now…where is my “peace & quiet” juice…


Got home from seeing Milk a few minutes ago.  There were two things that struck me pretty hard from the movie.

First – the storyline focused on defeating Prop 6 in California.  It had a very eery ringing to our recent election and Prop 8 in California.  It really is true that history repeats itself doesn’t it? Although, they defeated Prop 6, and we are still working on Prop 8.

The second was a stance Milk took on coming out to friends, family, co-workers.  The idea that if everyone knew that person in their lives that is gay, and realize they aren’t some degenerate, it demystifies what Briggs was trying to do in Prop 6.  It took me to some memories of friends that have shared incredibly intimate things about their lives (not necessarily coming out of the closet).  Stories they were so afraid to tell for fear of my reaction. And every single one of them that has shared, later told me how relieved, sometimes surprised, they were at my reaction and continued love.  This has happened a few times.  The most memorable as the “first” in my head was telling someone about my eating disorder. I truly believed I was not worthy of any love or support or chance to get over the disease.  Yes, this is an extreme example. I supposed some of my more recent sharing may be determined even more extreme than mental health, I digress.

That particular message in the movie gave me warm fuzzies about those closest to me in my life.  That I can rely on them tirelessly to support me, listen, hold me when I cry – when the world just seems too much to face, or I just need someone behind me to push forward and catch should I stumble.  I’m fortunate to have the people like this in my life.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Over committed? me? no…

It’s 1:10 pm PST here in Redmond, WA.  I committed on Wednesday to get a bunch of documents out today for a project I’m leading.  What was I thinking?  Sure – I powered through a whole lot of stuff this morning, super productive.  I’ve hit a wall.  Not only that, there are two others things I have to get done today.  Then another deliverable due Monday (personal, career development plan that will suck up a few hours).  There is that fine line for me between doing a good job and setting realistic expectations and doing a mostly good job because I don’t feel I have the boundaries.  I bet you anything, if I email these people I’m supposed to send all this stuff to today, and said it would be ready first thing Monday morning, that would likely be OK.  After all, if I finish if 5pm PST, are they really go to work on it over the weekend?

My brain is melting.

So – I’m looking forward to date night in 7 hours.  Norman and I are going to see Milk at a nice little independent theater here is Redmond. That serves cocktail and fancy popcorn. They will even refresh your drink in the middle of the movie!

In 5 hours I’ll be in an elementary school gym with my munchkin playing bingo.  Trying to win a Barbie…goddess help me! … and The book