I need a new system.  Remember when we were young and remembered everything?  When I knew how much cash I had on hand, to the penny?  Now, I’m lucky if I have $6 to pay for parking.  That doesn’t involve any coins.

Seriously though, my memory keeps getting worse.  Probably because it’s getting crowded out with things like my daughter’s favorite character traits (did you know Hello Kit-tee has a sister?), my daily schedule, how long until my next meal?  Today, I started to make a personal list.  Sadly, I couldn’t even remember everything I really needed to put on it.  Hubby has suggested some online tools, kinds I can send text message to, voicemails, etc.  I need a mind reader.  Something to run through my brain and pick up all the To Do’s.

It would also capture all those great ideas I have for posts that escape me as soon as I open up the blog editor.

Any ideas?  How can a girl get by?

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