Here we go….

You are the HIGH in my NOON, the FLAP in my JACK, the JELLY in my BEAN, the HOP in my SCOTCH, the FORTUNE in my COOKIE, the GRAND in my CANYON, the BEES in my KNEES, the ZIG in my ZAG, the ROCK in my ROLL, the FOX in my TROT, the POW in my WOW, the GEE in my WHIZ!

H. Jackson Brown, Jr

He’s the guy that wrote Life’s Little Instruction book.

My cynical, sarcastic self rolls my eyes super hard (like to the back of my head) when I read that. I am not a sunshiny-type. Sure, I like to think about the positive solution, or how to get out of the hole I’m in (whether I created it or not) but dear gawd I am not that sunshine person. Nor do I aspire to be that.

So there it is.

The end.

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